The Styrofoam (No Packing Peanuts) Bag
The Styrofoam (No Packing Peanuts) Bag

The Styrofoam (No Packing Peanuts) Bag

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Size: 20 Gallon or 50 Gallon (The Styrofoam Bags are currently not labeled as we are piloting various size options at this time).

How it works: Fill this bag with styrofoam, and when it's full set it out with your compost bin to be collected for free. If you're not a CompostNow Home Service Member, you can schedule your pick-up using this link.

Styrofoam packaging and coolers.

Not Included: Food-grade styrofoam, like meat trays or cups, packing peanuts, or black styrofoam.

Tip: Styrofoam is made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and should crumble when broken (it should not squish or rip). Packing peanuts are not accepted because they are a different material.

Instructions: Styrofoam should be clean and dry, and should not have tape or stickers on it. We can only collect bags that are tied closed so that styrofoam is not sticking out of the bag. 

Where Does It Go: Orange Recycling Services to GreenMax Intco Recycling to be turned into frame products.

FAQs: Visit our program detail page.